Using Phone Numbers to Generate Leads and Grow Your Business

Using Cooled Calls may sound old school but it still works. Especially if you are running a business in B2B its could be effective to start creating leads.

Whom to Call? Do you have any lead list?

To start your cooled calls you need a list of potential clients’ lists and their phone numbers. You may try searching on search engines by searching for specific keywords; try to reach their web site and getting their phone numbers to your list. It can be time consuming activity.

What is fastest way to prepare a lead list for your Cooled Call Campaign?

Leadgenist lead generation list could be the best way to reach the phone numbers of your potential clients. In leadgenist lead lists company name, company web site and company phone number exists. Let’s create an imaginary work follow for your cooled call Champaign

You can use Leadgenist by using keywords and choosing your geographical location. Lets create an imaginary case.

Your B2B Business: Cosmetic Products for Barber and Hairdresser

Potential Customer: Local Hair Dressers

Your Targeted Location: Hamburg /Germany / EU

In this imaginary case as a SME you are producing / distributing Cosmetic Products for Barber and Hairdresser in Germany. You have good sales in Hamburg but you want to penetrate to Düsseldorf. By using 2 inputs from leadgenist lead dashboard. Also leadgenist algorithm have ability to analyze potentials city based this will help you focus on a specific city.

  • Keyword : Hair Dresser”
  • Location : Germany / Düsseldorf “

You can create your first leadgenist lead list and you will get the phone numbers and more with your leadgenist credits.

How about using mobile phone numbers SMS / Whatsapp Business to Automate Your Lead Generation Campaign?

In some regions SMEs are using mobile numbers this case perfectly fits for this. Now we have the lead list with phone numbers Hairdressers in Germany generally use mobile phone numbers. Lets have look what kind of phone code is Germany using for mobile numbers

You can filter your lead list according to mobile numbers and automate your Champaign via SMS or via Whatsapp Messages.

Whatsapp business offers 1000 free messages it could be a staring to points and basic automation for your new lead Champaign by using mobile phone numbers.

If you have any questions about using lead list and lead list automation you may choose our Business package in this package we are also offering 1 hour per month consulting for your marketing

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