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The Definitive Guide to Generating Leads Through Emails Using by Lead Lists


The Definitive Guide to Generating Leads Through Emails Using by Lead Lists

Sending email is the best way to create high quality leads with best ROI (Return of Investment). Before creating mailing based Lead Generation you need to design your sales funnel. As a business owner there could be several questions you need to answer. Lets have look and dive into our topic -”Generation Leads Through Emails

Whom you send emails to create leads?

The first question for your mailing campaign is whom you send emails? May be in the past you collected some your potential customers’ emails. You can start with those.

If you dont have any need to reach potential customers email address. You can use Leadgenist by using keywords and choosing your geographical location. Lets create an imaginary case.

Your B2B Business: Wooden Toys Manufacturer / Distributor

Potential Customer: Local Toy Shop

Your Targeted Location: Belgium / EU

In this imaginary case as a SME you are producing / distributing wooden toys in Poland. You are planning to export your products to other countries in EU and you want to start from Belgium. By using 2 inputs from leadgenist lead dashboard

  • Keyword : Toy Shop”
  • Location : Belgium”

You can create your first leadgenist lead list and you will get the email address with your leadgenist credits.

Now you have the email address whom to send emails.

How to Create your email Content with High Open Rates and High Conversion?

  1. Keep your message clear
  2. Focus your subject line and try to empathize with your potential client for the best subject text
  3. Keep it short
  4. Avoid using attachments. Use texts to explain yourself, if you want to send some files use links from your web site.
  5. Personalize your email according to email receiver especially on subject line.

In our next blogs we will guide you about automating your mailing work flow.

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